Cialis…The new pill that lasts all day. One pill 24 hours

In today’s society men of varying age and status are experiencing the embarrassing and most undesirable condition or erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that is only observed in men.

What once was an aging man’s condition has now developed into an ‘all men’ condition affecting a range of age groups. The condition of erectile dysfunction is the inability for a man to frequently or occasionally obtain an erection. This is normally due to the blood vessels leading to the pelvic region being restricted. This consequently results in a lack of blood flow to the penis. In order to obtain an erection a sufficient amount of blood flow is required. There are multiple reasons why men experience erectile dysfunction such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and a host of other conditions. With this in mind, this makes sense why men of varying ages are seen suffering from erectile dysfunction.

There are many drugs on the market to help provide temporary relief of erectile dysfunction.

One of the popular drugs that have hit the market is Cialis. Cialis is a drug designated to be taken by men aged 18 or older. The active ingredient in Cialis is Tadalafil. Men are preferring Cialis because of it has a quick reaction time and long lasting effects. These benefits are usually due to the potency of the active ingredient. Cialis helps to minimize the constricting activity happening in the blood vessel in the pelvic area. This subsequently allows an increase in blood flow to the penis and a successful erection may ensue.

In modern days it has become easier to obtain prescription drugs by going to a physician and obtaining a prescription.

Many men have found this method as embarrassing and an inconvenience when it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment. Men do not want the world to know about the inability to obtain an erection, especially not his companion. Australia is becoming more and more popular in providing prescription drugs without a prescription and at a low price. Locals of Australia may obtain the drugs in person in varies places such as sex shops without a prescription but others that are not local may obtain the drugs from online pharmacies based out of Australia. These online pharmacies cater to men needs by providing them the drug they need with the appropriate amount of privacy in delivering the drug right to their door step, eliminating the embarrassing conversations by cutting out the requirement of a prescription or any type of consultation, and encouraging autonomy by allowing men to dictate how many pills they want to order and how frequent they would like the drug to be available to them. Even with the unlimited access and convenience of Cialis, the results that the drug express does not change. The recommended dosage when taking Cialis is one tablet in any given 24 hour period. Some men may think that they can boost their potential for a longer erection or reverse the condition if they take more pills. This is not the case; the drugs will only be as effective as taking one tablet rather taking more tablet will increase the level of side effects one may experience.