Viagra improves sex life and relationships

If you’re living in Australia and having problems with your sex life and getting or even keeping erections, you’re not alone and Cialis might just be the solution. Every year, over 100,000 Australian men visit doctors with complaints that their inability to get or sustain erections is affecting their relationships with their spouses or significant others.

Cialis for men in australia

After ruling out any serious health conditions, doctors nowadays often prescribe Cialis as the first line of treatment because of it’s reliability. Tadalafil is it’s main ingredient, and while there may be many generics on the market with the same ingredient, Cialis has undergone more testing and improvements in it’s formula than most of it’s competitors so you know you’re getting an even distribution of Tadalafil in every tablet. It’s generally considered to be a safe and reliable medication according to many primary caregivers, researchers, and the majority of Australian consumers who use it regularly.

Cialis vs The Competition

Many men prefer Cialis over other erectile dysfunction such as Viagra for the simple reason that it’s known to have a longer and more reliable duration. While Viagra usually lasts about 3-4 hours, one dose of Cialis often lasts 24-48 hours. This doesn’t mean that you will have an erection for that entire time period, but it means you’ll be ready to get one once you’re sexually aroused.

How to Maximize Potency

Because it lasts much longer than other similar medications, Cialis sometimes takes a bit longer for the effects to build up. Usually it will be effective within about an hour after taking each tablet, but sometimes this may take as long as two hours based on a few different factors.

When taking Cialis, it’s best to take it with a glass of water and on an empty stomach if you want to feel the full effects more quickly. If you eat foods which are high in saturated fat or that are somewhat greasy, it could take longer for the medicine to break down in your stomach and fully absorb in the bloodstream.

Another major factor is your metabolism and body composition. A thin person may start to see the effects more quickly and more significantly than someone with a larger percentage of body fat. Also, it’s best to take a full tablet and not to break it in half or into separate pieces since this can weaken the effects as it can cause more of the drug to enter your system too quickly and the effects may not last as long.

Adverse Effects

Although they’re rare, It shouldn’t be surprising that there’s been side effects experienced by some users of Cialis, because there’s virtually no medication on the market that hasn’t at least had a few side effects reported. In fact, in many studies where Cialis was compared to Viagra and Levitra, two of it’s main competitors, Cialis users actually reported having less side effects than those who used the other erectile dysfunction medications. If you do experience side effects while on Cialis they are likely to be harmless in most cases but it’s important to know which ones are common and which aren’t.

The most commonly reported ones include body flushing or a feeling of heat in the body or face, muscle pain, stuffy noses, dry mouth, headaches, lightheadedness, diarrhea and very slight visual distortions. Serious side effects, which are extremely rare but should be reported to a hospital quickly, include heart palpitations, pressure or pain in the chest, back, priapism (erections lasting more than 4 hours), arms or shoulders (which isn’t simply muscle pain), dizziness, confusion, blackouts, and anything else not listed as common side effects.